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Monthly Tuition Class Rates & Fees

  • 1 class per week:  $76 autopay/ $86 non-autopay

  • 2 classes per week:   $146 autopay/ $156 non-autopay

  • 3 classes per week:  $210autopay/ $220 non-autopay

Annual Registration Fee: $35 or $50 per family 

Bouncin’ Babes (18 months – 3 years)

  • 45-minute playful parent and tot class
  • Exploration of gross motor skills (swinging,climbing, jumping, balancing, etc.)
  • Enhances large motor development
  • Promotes development of sharing, taking turns and listening skills

Rompin’ Rollers (3 – 4 years)

  • 50-minute class
  • Introduction to the basic fundamentals in gymnastics
  • Provides challenging opportunities
  • Increases sense of body awareness and overall strength
  • Develops spatial awareness, balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Children learn to navigate through obstacle courses
  • Safe and stimulating environment

Jumpin’ Juniors (5 – 6 years)

  • 50-minute class
  • Fine-tunes gross motor skills
  • Teaches new skills which will boost self-confidence and establish individuality
  • Teaches the spirit of cooperation through group activities
  • Separate classes for boys and girls
  • Introduces all of the Olympic gymnastics events (vault, bars, beam, and floor)

School-Age Gymnastics

  • 50-minute class
  • Class divisions based on skill and ability level 
  • Children learn from a qualified coach with designed curriculum to ensure that students of different levels can accelerate  through our program.  
  • The student learns at his/her individual pace, introducing more difficult skills when the student is ready and has adequately achieved pre-requisite skills based on the curriculum.
  • Achievement boards keep students focused and motivated while teaching goal-setting skills.
  • Maximum teacher:student ratio is 1:10.


  • 50-minute class
  • Emphasis will be on developing coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence.
  • Tumbling can also prepare students for cheerleading tryouts. 
  • Our staff has the ability to instruct the beginner student to the most advanced tumbler.

Cheer Level 1

  • 50-minute class
  • Teaches athletes the basics of cheerleading.
  • Technique taught includes stunting, tumbling, motions, and jumps

Cheer Team Prep

  • 2-hour class
  • Class length helps athletes build the endurance to be a successful member on our competitive teams
  • Prepares athletes to step onto our competitive cheerleading teams
  • Technique taught includes stunting, tumbling, jumps, motions, and dance
  • In March, an opportunity to perform at a local cheer competition will be available

Special Needs Classes are served through Kinetic Kids. Please click below for more info!