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Student Enrollment

Enrollment is continuous. You may enroll and un-enroll as you wish with no long-term commitment.

You may change the day, time, and program anytime through the Aerial Athletics Hospitality Team if there is availability in the new class.

You are financially responsible for your class until you un-enroll.

Unenrolling is easy - See the information below.


Membership Fee

$75 per student or $100 per family

This fee covers your student and is paid only once upon initial enrollment as long as the student remains active. Memberships will be reassessed if students drop out of the program and re-enrolls. 

Students receive membership discounts on birthday parties, Parents' Night Out & Open Gym (students must be active in the program to receive discounts).

We do offer a 10% discount for military and first responders.


Multiple Class Discount

Only one tuition (the highest) in your family pays full price. All lesser Aerial Athletics tuitions in your family are discounted by $5 per month. 

1st Class = $104.50 per month

2nd Class = $97.50 per month

3rd Class & Beyond = $90.50 per month


Make-up Classes and Make-up Tokens

Students can use make-up tokens to schedule make-up classes for missed classes due to personal absences or Gym Closures (not Gym Holiday Breaks). Please refer to the Year-Round Rec Calendar for dates.

Students must be actively enrolled in an Aerial Athletics class to be eligible for make-up classes.  

Make-up classes may only be used by the child who missed the class. Make-up tokens cannot be transferred or exchanged and hold no cash value.

Make-up tokens expire 60 days (September - May) and 90 days (June- August )after the day you missed the class or upon unenrollment from the program.

We apologize, but there are no credits or refunds for missed classes.


Class Tuition

New students' tuition is prorated based on their start date. For most students, this is the day of their No-Risk Trial Class. 

Participation requires you to create an online account and file a form of payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards and bank account ACH information.

Tuition is auto-debited on the 25th of every month preceding the activity. (Example: Tuition for March will be auto-debited on February 25th)

Tuition is auto-debited for as long as you are actively enrolled. It is your responsibility to unenroll to stop the auto-debiting process.

To change the auto debit card on file, submit your choice of alternate payment on or before the 24th of the month preceding the activity.

If payment is not received before the 1st of each month, a late fee of $40 is added to the account on file. The account balance must be settled to continue participation.

We apologize, but there are no credits or refunds for missed classes.

Aerial Athletics is a continuous enrollment program, so tuition remains the same for every month of the year. Your tuition pays for an educational experience and not a specified number of classes. Some months have four classes in any given year, and others have five. On occasion, there will be a month with three classes for one reason or another. Our Year-Round Recreational Calendar guarantees that each class day receives 48 classes yearly. 



You must submit the request through the iClass parent portal to unenroll your student. Once the request is received, it will be processed within 24 hours unless received on the weekend. 

We do not credit or refund for past missed classes.

Unenrollments submitted after the 24th of a month will result in a full or prorated credit (based on the unenrollment date) to your Aerial Athletics account for the following month. There are no refunds. 

Please unenroll before the 24th of each month to avoid being charged for the following month. Once the charge is placed on the account, it cannot be reversed. 



Holiday Class Breaks & Other Closures

We will not hold classes during Gym Holiday Breaks or closures. Please refer to the Year-Round Recreational Calendar for these breaks and closures. 

Make-up tokens will be issued to student accounts for Gym Closures but not Gym Holiday Breaks.

2023-2024 Instructional Recreational Class Breaks (Not Eligible for Make-up Tokens):

  • Thanksgiving: November 19-26, 2023
  • Winter Holiday: December 24-30, 2023
  • Spring Break: March 10-16, 2024
  • 4th of July Holiday: July 1-6, 2024

Other Gym Closures (Eligible for Make-up Tokens):

  • Labor Day: September 4, 2023
  • Halloween: October 31, 2023
  • New Year’s Day: January 1, 2024
  • Easter Good Friday: March 29, 2024
  • Memorial Day: May 27, 2024


Year-Round Class Calendar




What do I do if the weather is terrible on my class day?
If imminent weather is approaching, we will update our social media sites and email and text to all students affected. Please note that you may only receive these notifications if you have opted into the text message and email options in your iClass account. We encourage you to opt into these options on your account. We do not always align with any particular school system since our gym is located between two school districts. Driving conditions vary significantly over Aerial Athletics’ market base. Please always be safe and make your driving decisions based on location, vehicle, and comfort level. Should you choose not to drive to your class, we will happily help facilitate a make-up token on your account. Your safety is our priority.

Can I drop my child off for class?
All children must be accompanied inside the gym by an adult. Coaches and staff are not responsible for children before or after class. 

Children 6 years and under require a responsible adult to always be in the building while the student is in class. 

Parents of children seven years and older may use their discretion regarding whether or not they leave the premises. Should your child need to use the restroom during class, they will need to take themselves to the restroom and back to class independently if you are not here. Teachers will not escort your child to the bathroom. Please decide based on your comfort level and trust in your child’s responsibility.  Should you leave the premises, we ask that you also ensure that updated contact information is on file if we or your child need to call you.

We do not allow children to wait outside on the sidewalk for their parents. Children must remain in our designated waiting benches inside the parent observation room. If a staff member sees your child waiting outside, they will ask them to return inside.

Do you accommodate children with Special Needs?

Aerial Athletics is proud of its long history of including children with special abilities in its regular programming. However, help us help you! Communicating with the Hospitality Team and your child’s coach about any unique needs your child may have is crucial to our ability to create the best experience for your child.

Safety note: If a child’s participation jeopardizes their safety, another child or an adult, Aerial Athletics will request that a parent or adult caregiver be in the gym during the class, or we will find a better-suited class for the child. 

We also have partnered with Kinetic Kids for over a decade and highly recommend their programs for students with special needs.